The use of CBD has shown positive benefits in pets as well. Just like their human parents, pets have an endocannabinoid system that is activated by cannabidiol oil (CBD oil).

CBD may help with a variety of issues. In some cases, the use of CBD Hemp Oil (along with the advice of your veterinarian) may even eliminate the need for pharmaceutical medication. Pharmaceutical medicines can be detrimental to the liver and kidneys and have dangerous side effects. Check with your pet's veterinarian to see if CBD is right for your fur family!

South Bend Industrial Hemp suggests the use of our low-strength 350 mg CBD Oil.

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The source of your hemp is a huge contributor to the quality of the CBD products. Hemp that is sourced from China is often grown in toxic soil that can do your pet more harm than good. South Bend Industrial Hemp is grown in Central Kansas with no chemicals applied. We pride ourselves on high-quality CBD that is safe for every member of your family - even your pets!


CO2 extraction method is how the oil is extracted from the plant. Only a few companies will use a CO2 extraction method, which means using carbon dioxide that is under extremely high pressure (over 10,000 psi) and at a very low temperature.  Other companies will extract using alcohol or butane. The issue with using alcohol or butane extraction methods is that those products will stay with the CBD and be consumed by your pet. South Bend Industrial Hemp works with the highest quality extractors that only use the CO2 Extraction Method.


Some companies will only use the hemp seed because it is cheaper, but hemp SEED does NOT have CBD. Hemp seeds are packed with protein and omegas, but they do not have the benefits of cannabinoids, which is what you are looking for when purchasing CBD (located in the leafy and flower part of the plant). South Bend Industrial Hemp hand harvests the whole plant, where it is dried onsite, and hand prepared for the extraction facility.


Testing will check for CBD and THC levels, toxic solvents and chemicals. South Bend Industrial Hemp provides third-party tests on all products to instill confidence in our buyers. We want you to feel assured you're receiving what you pay for and that it’s free from THC.


We have three dogs: two Great Pyrenees Mixes and a Huskey Mix, that all benefit from CBD use. Soco, our older Great Pyrenees has extreme anxiety when thunderstorms roll through Kansas. We didn’t like giving him medication the veterinarian prescribed, which made him so lethargic and unlike himself, so we decided to utilize CBD oil. We have seen a significant positive difference in his overall demeanor when storms start to brew. He now remains relaxed and will sit next to us instead of going to hide until the following morning or pacing the living room until we nearly had a path worn down in our carpet.


Our second Pyrenees, Lambo, is three and like most large dogs is starting to experience stiffness as joints become less limber. We didn’t like giving him such harsh medications from the veterinarian because we knew the stress it puts on the kidneys and liver.


Keeping our dogs healthy, happy and moving pain-free is our priority. Before starting the CBD use on our dogs, we asked our veterinarian what she thought of its benefits, and she fully supported the more natural approach to keep our dogs healthy. What’s even more ironic as we grew the plants this summer and my dogs were helping us walk fields, it was not uncommon to look back and see them chomping down on the plant leaves. They instinctively knew the benefits!