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Updated: Oct 7, 2020

2019 In Review

I am currently riding shotgun as Aaron and I travel out to Colorado for a whirlwind trip to see a mentor and fellow farmer who grows 2,500 acres of hemp. Rarely, do I get the opportunity to just sit. As I’m here for a quick round trip of 16 hours in the truck I started reflecting on my 2019 growing season / the launch of our company. This post has less to do CBD and more about my journey to where we are today. It’s written from the heart so I hope I can clearly portray what this past year has been like. Here is my top 5 lessons learned from 2019.

  • Not everyone will support you when pursuing your passion and that is okay but work your butt off and pursue it anyways.

At the beginning when people learned we were growing hemp I got called a crackpot, pot head, the MJ lady from people in our local community. We had a lot of doubters and many people tell us “good luck” in a very sarcastic way. I think that is why I am so passionate about sharing our story and educating everyone I can. I want people to see this potential from a sustainability and economic standpoint. Plus, if you know me, you’ll understand, but if anyone tells me I can’t do something, I will stop at nothing to prove them wrong and be successful.

  • Surrounding yourself with supportive people is KEY.

a. These sounds basic, but I know many entrepreneurs don’t have the luxury of a support system. I have the MOST AMAZING circle a girl could ask for. My co-owner and husband, Aaron and his brother/co-owner, Richard helped make our first year special. Getting to work with family on the farm is a dream come true. Our farm agronomist, Steve, was a great set of back up eyes when scouting for diseases/insects and helping me formulate our crop management plan (fertilizers, irrigation, etc.). They all were amazing sound boards, problem solvers and innovators. Any vision I had they helped bring to life.

Another positive circle was the South Bend Facebook family. Starting that was one of the best decisions I could have made. People showing interest and believing in our dream meant more than any of them could ever know.

I’m not going to lie, some days were hard. Some days I was filled with doubt and an overwhelming type feeling. However, I think you must have those days to appreciate the good ones.

  • Connections Are Everything

I have met the neatest people around the US this past year because I was willing to put myself out there in a new space and be willing to be a sponge. Case in point, the trip I’m currently on as I write this. Another guy that is gem is my clone guy in Tennessee, Ryan. Top notch hemp guru full of knowledge.. Even new friends and farmers in the Great Bend area that have reached out wanting to learn about our story. I feel so blessed with every connection I make. These people are helping change my life and shape the business. I always try to surround myself with people smarter than me and/or who push me to be better either in my business or in my personal life. Striving for continuous improvement is an integral part of a successful foundation and making connections strengthens that.

  • The only thing that is predictable is the unpredictable

Everyday was an adventure and provided some sort of obstacle or challenge to overcome. Between Mother Nature and the government regulations you had to learn to be flexible and fluid in your day to day activities. It took some getting used to because I am a planning type person. I got better as the season progressed, but it was a learned trait that needs to continually be refined.

  • I take every review, comment and feedback to heart

What you think of our products means the world to me. I am involved so intricately in every part of this process. When you question to the website or Facebook, I’m there. When you send a message saying how our stuff has helped you in any way, I am thrilled. People’s calls have brought me to tears with how much better they feel. If that doesn’t validate your why, I don’t know what will.

Thanks for listening to my rambling thoughts this Saturday night. Rarely, do I choose to be vulnerable and open about my feelings and thoughts. I am a very reserved person by nature but am learning this platform is a gift and I need to share our story. We are unique, special and pioneering an industry for Kansas hemp. I am grateful for everyone that supports our small business. I think that’s why I spend the time to add handwritten notes in all the orders. I want you to know I appreciate every order that goes out the door. The ups and downs wouldn’t be worth it without you and I can’t wait to do this post a year from now to see what has changed! Have a fabulous rest of the weekend and thanks for reading another blog post by me. 😊


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