CBD Sweet Bundle

CBD Sweet Bundle



So many of our customers buy both our CBD oil and our CBD Salve! What makes you happy, makes us happy and who isn't happy saving money? We created this bundle and save pack so our customers can experience all the perks of both products! 


CBD HONEY DIRECTIONS: With local honey and local CBD this sweet treat is perfect for lunch boxes or in your purse/pocket for when you need some CBD, but don't want to carry around a dropper or salve. Each honey stick has 10.9 mg of CBD per stick.Honey Sticks are sold in a pack of 5.


OIL DIRECTIONS: Adults take ½ to 1 dropperful under the tongue as needed. Assess tolerance and adjust amount from there. When CBD oil is administered sublingually, it allows the mucus membranes in the mouth to absorb the oils active ingredients. The benefit of consuming CBD oil sublingually is the absorption process bypasses the digestive system allowing it to interact with your system more quickly.


SALVE DIRECTIONS: Massage a small amount into sore muscles, back, neck, knees, elbows, feet or any affected area 3-4 times per day or as needed. Do not apply to open wounds or cuts.


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