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Industrial hemp is grown for manufacturing applications and is used in a variety of industries, such as textiles, construction, paper and bio-plastics. Industrial hemp can replace almost anything that is manufactured from cotton, corn, soy or flax and requires significantly less of Earth's resources to grow.

Some estimate that the global market for hemp consists of more than 25,000 products in nine submarkets: agriculture; textiles; recycling; automotive; furniture; food/nutrition/beverages; paper; construction materials; and personal care. For construction materials, such as hempcrete (a mixture of hemp hurds and lime products), hemp is used as a lightweight insulating material.

Industrial hemp is valued for its durability, quick-growing cycles and sustainability. 

South Bend Industrial Hemp Processing (SBIH Processing) is striving to revolutionize the way we farm and manufacture these goods. 

Let's work together to find sustainable solutions and slow the depletion of Mother Nature's resources. 

About Industrial Hemp: Text


Industrial Hemp has a wide range of uses. Hemp breaks down into three functions - fiber, grain and hurd. Read about what each can be manufactured into below.


Hemp fiber can make consumer and industrial textiles, including rope, twine, linens, handbags, clothes and more. Hemp fiber also can make paper products, printing paper, cardboard and much more.


South Bend Industrial Hemp extracts CBD from the green material of the plant and manufactures our own line of CBD oils and salves. You can find those at


Hurd cellulose can produce building materials such as fiberboard, stucco and cement as well as animal bedding, cat litter and mulch/potting soil. 

About Industrial Hemp: Projects

South Bend Industrial Hemp is used worldwide in various industries including construction materials such as hempcrete and insulation, hemp animal bedding, plastic replacement and so much more. The possibilities for South Bend Hemp are endless.   

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