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Superior Animal Bedding

South Bend Industrial Hemp Processing (SBIHP) is a U.S. Based Hemp-Bedding provider. We are proud to make our animal bedding from American-grown hemp and process it in the Heartland! 

Hemp-based animal bedding provides many benefits - more absorbent, less dust, minimizes odors AND it is eco-friendly! 

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Hemp absorbs four times its weight, making it an excellent choice for horse bedding and more.

You’ll spend less time cleaning as well as less time and money cleaning up after your animals. Now your horse that floors her stall every night is no longer a daily problem! 


Hemp produces little (if any dust) making it the preferred option for allergy sufferers. Veterinarians recommend hemp bedding for allergy sufferers. Horses (and humans!) will appreciate the decreased dust and allergen triggers. Hemp also keeps mold and mildew at bay longer than pine shavings or hay. 

Hemp traps ammonia and other odors in horse stalls, chicken coops, pet bedding or anywhere pets leave those pesky odors at.

Industrial hemp is sustainable and green

Industrial hemp is more sustainable and eco-friendly than pine shavings. It has a much shorter growth cycle. 

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