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South Bend Industrial Hemp 2024 OPEN HOUSE

Updated: 3 days ago

Informational Flyer:

Hotel Block Information:

Best Western Angus Inn 

30 Room Block (Mix of Room Availability) 2Qs or 1K

Prices for Reservation vary: $100 for small hotel breakfast and room per night.

$115 Price to include Perkins breakfast voucher.

Room block closes July 2nd 

Call 620-792-3541 and ask for "South Bend Open House" for booking at room block prices.

Workshop Information: Check back in as we finalize the itinerary!

Vendors: More to come!

  • Texas Healthy Homes (Tim White & Team) - Tim and his team will be showing off their newest hemp blocks and plaster finishes!

  • Brian Ochsner - Discussing economic trends and the push for hemp. One of the biggest factors that affect hemp and other farms - but don't seem to talk about enough - are the economic trends in the US and around the world.  Because of government subsidies and insurance, I think a lot of farmers don't give enough thought to these trends... and how they are (and will) affect their operations now and in the future.  When I look at the big picture trends of China, India and Russia as the top 3 wheat-producing nations in the world... Russia is the #1 wheat-exporting nation... and Brazil is the top corn exporting nation.... American grain farmers don't feed the world anymore, and can't rely on foreign exports to hold a "floor" under grain prices.  Plus, we have inflation that's not going away and a food production and distribution system where the average distance from producer to consumer is 1,500 miles. This means that transportation is a big part of the price a consumer pays at the grocery store. Inflation also will affect the price of imported goods, like plastics and clothing. Pivoting to an alternative crop like industrial hemp.  Hemp can also help us produce clothing, plastics and other products here in the US, and probably at a comparable price.

  • Kathie M. Rondeau - Kathie is showing off her custom hemp fiber products.

Sponsors: Thank you to all our sponsors helping make this event happen!

  • American National Insurance - Jake Fryberger

Questions? Don't hesitate to reach out. Please continue to check back as we will update information on here and our Facebook page.

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